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Nominations are accepted from April 15 - June 30. All nominations must be submitted through our online submission site during that time. Nominations will not be accepted by email or by post.

Materials must be in English

You will be asked to provide:

  • Name, position, institution, professional address, email, and phone of the candidate
  • Name, position, institution, professional address, email, and phone of the nominator (if different than the candidate)
  • Candidate qualifications statement of the public engagement activities that form the basis for the nomination
    • This statement of two pages maximum should discuss the candidate’s approach to public engagement. It should emphasize the candidate’s public engagement goal(s), intended audience(s), and message(s), as well as the level and type of dialogue achieved with their audiences, evaluation of public engagement work, and examples of how public engagement has affected the candidate’s scientific work. 
    • More information about AAAS’s approach to public engagement is available in the Center for Public Engagement's Communication Toolkit.
  • OPTIONAL: Letters of support from a person who can speak to the candidate’s public engagement efforts
    • This letter should provide more insight into the candidate’s work and discuss their accomplishments and can be written by a colleague, supervisor or participant.
  • At least two (up to three) representative material samples or other documentation which illustrate or describe the candidate’s public engagement contributions
    • Samples should exhibit the activities discussed in the statement and further contribute to the narrative of the nomination, showing different representations of the breadth of their public engagement.
  • If the candidate uses social media for their public engagement there will be a space to include all relevant accounts.
  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae
    • Limit CV to five pages, with a specific section highlighting public engagement activities distinct from work that is required as part of the candidate’s job.

​​​All materials submitted become the property of AAAS. Inquiries may be directed to the Center for Public Engagement with Science and Technology via email.